Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Postal Passion - The Postie Always Rings Twice

by Tayla

Disclaimer: This work is pure fiction intended of adult enjoyment.

"Oh, honey, that's so good, baby, so good, " I chanted as my husband's hot dick sliced into my pussy. I was just at the brink when the telephone rang to interrupt us. Still inside me, my husband grabbed it, listened, barked a few words and hung up. Wordlessly, he started fucking me again, very hard, and came quickly.

"Sorry, baby, plant emergency. I have to leave now." He plopped out of me and headed toward the shower. I lay there unsatisfied again with his seed spilling from me. Promising to make it up to me, he kissed me lightly and slipped out of the bedroom.

I showered and came back to bed. I tried to make myself cum with on my fingers, but was unsuccessful. Smelling the coffee that my husband had put on, I grabbed a dressing gown and followed its trail down to my kitchen. Restless and unfulfilled, I roamed around the room with my cup in hand. I needed another warm body to satisfy my needs. Damn my husband--again.

The ringing of my front door bell brought me out of my reverie. Looking through the peep hole, I saw our young female postal worker with a clipboard. An idea formed as I opened the door to her. She was a pretty, petite woman of about 22. She had green eyes and a long black ponytail that protruded through the back of her cap.

"Hi," I said holding the door. "It's a scorcher already, isn't it?"

"It sure is, ma'am. I have a special delivery letter for you. Would you sign here, please?" she said, pushing the clipboard toward me.

I signed and put the letter on the little table at the door without glancing at it. "Would you like something cold to drink, Aly? I have lemonade in the kitchen," I said leading her back.

"That would be wonderful. Thank you."

I handed her a tall glass. "Aly, your uniform is sticking to you. I could throw it in the dryer if you like. You'll feel so much better when you're dry."

"I'm ok. But thanks anyway," she said between gulps.

"If you're worried about being naked, I can get something for you to wear."

"In that case, I'll take you up on your kind offer. I'll just take my morning break here while my things dry."

"I'll get you a robe. You can strip and put your clothes in the dryer. It's right in there," I pointed. I practically ran up to my bedroom and yanked open the closet door. Wanting something sexy for her, I chose a short, thin silk kimono. Her back was to me when I eased into the room. "Hold out your arms, Aly."

Aly slid into the kimono and tied its sash. She ran her hands over the fabric lovingly. "This feels so good. I've never worn anything so nice."

I rubbed her shoulders and whispered close to her ear, "You look beautiful in it." My hands had a life of their own as they slid from her shoulders and lightly massaged her high young breasts through the silk. Seduction was my motive. Flesh was my goal.

Aly tensed. "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I'm not into this. I've never done anything sexual with a woman."

I continued to rub her breasts. "Neither have I, Aly. My husband fucked me just this morning. But I need something more. You can help me Aly. Would you? Please?" I turned her around to face me. I released the sash on my robe revealing my nakedness. Looking deep into her eyes, I unsashed hers. Her mouth was open and wet as I took her head, removed the scrunchie to unleash her hair and kissed her deeply. Between kisses I mumbled, "I want to taste your pussy, Aly." I maneuvered her to my butcher block table, sat her own the end, spread her legs and dropped to my knees.

Aly was hot and wet to my touch. My mouth and tongue knew what to do instinctively as I ate her sweet cunt. My tongue traveled over, under, inside her folds. My lips sucked her lips as she came, found her clit and sucked it as she came. My tongue pumped into her as she came. Wet-faced, I resurfaced to kiss her. She cupped my pussy and I finally came, humping her hand, glorying at her touch.

I had Aly move to the center of the table and pull her robe aside. Straddling her, I sucked at her breasts until she could take no more. I spread her legs, spread my own robe, spread myself on her. Lustily, I fucked this sweet girl's pussy with everything in me. We came many times as I hungrily bore my flesh into hers, as we screamed, then whimpered in pleasure.

The timer on the dryer went off just as I was sucking the last of our juices from her pussy. She dressed quickly, kissed me at the door, and left. I noticed the special delivery letter. When I pulled out the contents, I found I had been summoned for jury duty!

Sexually satisfied and very happy at having done the forbidden, I went out in the yard to check a rosebush. I came face to face with a pretty young woman selling magazine subscriptions and invited her in. The day was looking up, indeed!

If you do anything worthwhile today, "do it" with a woman.

-the end-

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Katie And The Boss

My name is Katie

I looked at the clock, it was twenty five minutes to eight. Too late to go home but to early to go where I was headed. I was sat at my desk proudly looking at the 120 page report I'd just finished attached to the email that would whiz across the ocean to our head office in the states.

I clicked `send' and away it went; a whole month's work short of one day, and I was going to take that one day off. Knowing I'd be finishing the job that night and not coming in on the next day, a Friday thank god, I had contacted a whole group of mates and suggest an almighty piss-up, but they'd all had to work the next day,

"Friday will be great Katie, can't do Thursday..." had been the reply from about 9 of the ten I'd emailed. So, I'd decided if no one else could start their weekend early then I would leave for the coast and swim, surf and suntan on my own. The hotel was only an hour away and could book in when I liked. The summer heat was still oppressive and the frickin' air con in my car had gone down. The report had meant that I couldn't get to the garage and have it repaired. The nights were much cooler and I had decided to make use of our buildings' air con and leave late and drive to the coast in the late evening cool. My weekender was in the boot and packed with bikinis and swimsuits, and cool floaty dresses and all I needed to do was have a coffee, a shower in the office facility, change into my jeans and spaghetti top and grab a burger from the late McD's drive through and I would be on the highway for ten, booking into my hotel for half eleven, midnight if I chose to go with the top down and cruise.

I looked at the clock, shit, still an hour to go before I even had to think about getting ready. The gym across the street would be full of sweaty business men, gruesome sweaty jocks or old ladies trying to pick them up. The thought of it turned my stomach. I walked to the water cooler and filled my glass drinking two long glasses of water while checking out my reflection in the window against the darkening street outside, lookin' good...

I smoothed down my blouse to emphasize my 34 C's against the white of my thin cotton blouse and they did look good!

I walked back to my desk and sat down with my glass, feeling good about myself again. The faintest twinge in my pussy started to become a faint throb around the area of my clit and it deserved some attention. After all I had been working all hours and only eating and sleeping in between -- my poor puss had never known such a barren period since I had discovered the delights of masturbation and then sex all those years ago. I hadn't so much as looked at my trusty rabbit vibe since before my last period, and I hoped the batteries hadn't gone bad in the thing.

Absentmindedly I stroked my boobs again feeling the dull ache that was telling me my nipples were rock hard; my hand snuck down to my thighs almost without me thinking about it...

I jumped up as the realisation hit me, I was in my frickin' office for heaven's sake, I couldn't start to masturbate here... or could I.

I stood and slowly walked around the office, I knew most people had gone as they had all wished me a good night and a good weekend. I checked the clerks' bay and they had all gone, as had the other two teams we shared a floor with. We were the top floor and I knew from other really late nights that the security guards would only check the floor once I had keyed out at the lift and the floor was technically empty. Randall, the retired soldier, who was security for our building this week knew that I was putting the hours in and would not leave his post at the front door and come up so I was safe from that aspect too. My desk looked out over the roofs of the other buildings so I knew I wouldn't be seen from that aspect.

I checked all of the manager's offices and the doors were securely locked, against our unauthorised entry I supposed, so I headed back to my desk, my laptop and my secret stash that no one else knew existed.

My laptop case had a secret compartment in it big enough to hide memory sticks, CD's or a small paper file, but tonight it held just my collection of naughty DVDs that I would use whenever I needed arousal.

They were all lesbian and bi, all featured one woman being seduced by another, another woman in authority, something I'd always found to be very alluring.

I opened the CD drive on my laptop and took out the disc that held my precious file and clipped it into a protective case, noticing for the first time that my hands were shaking just a little.

I took out the first naughty DVD and quickly clicked it into place sliding the drive shut. The machine whirred for a few moments while it decided just what this new disc was. I sipped my water trying to be calmer than my libido wanted me to be.

The titles came up and played with that awful frickin' music that porn just always seems to have, and I clicked on the advance button three times to my favourite part of the movie. Had I been at home and in the mood I would have slowly settled down with a glass of something more interesting than water and watched the whole story. No need for that tonight, I was in the mood already, boooooooooy was I in the mood,

The story featured two middle aged women who by this stage of the film were in various states of undress pleasuring each other. One was a busty blonde wearing a black nightie (her straps falling down her arms) straddled by a taller, slimmer but still very hot brunette pinning her arms down.

The brunette is clearly in control as she worked her way down the blonde's body, removing her string underwear, kissing across her breasts, belly and vulva before finally burying her face in between her legs.

The blonde moaned out loud, with a sound half way between objection and pure pleasure, as she was licked, sucked and nibbled before the obviously expert brunette settled her tongue and lips at the crown of her lover's vagina, settling down to work on the hard shiny nub of clit so beautifully exposed, erect for the camera. The little jolts the submissive actress gave telling the viewing public, the viewing public with a pussy that is, that she wasn't just acting.

As for me, the scene had done the trick straight away and I was lying back in my seat, my hands working inside my blouse, my top three buttons undone to allow my squeezing, searching hand access to my beautiful breasts. I pinched both nipples in turn, thinking back to the two sprung clothes pegs in my knicker drawer that had resided there ever since I'd seen a beautiful S&M cyber-starlet pinch hers in exactly the same way with exactly the same type of clothes pegs.

I had started to moan, hiking my skirt up around my waist, my left had was still mauling my tits while my strong well practiced right went to work below the waist. My fingers slid inside my white string panties, peeling away at my folds as I'd seen the domina brunette do some moments before. My clit was rock hard now as the arousal filled my entire body.

"Ooooooh, mmmm, oh," I heard my moans as if from a distance as I watched my naughty video. I was soooooooo close now.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"My-my, Katie, Katie, Katie. What are you doing?"

I looked around and up only to see my boss, and from the look in her face she knew full well what the answer was.


"Danni, I..." I blurted out in panic as tried to stop the video and cover myself at the same time but totally failed to do either.

Danni leant forward resting her forearms on the back of my high backed leather office chair titling me back up to stare into her face and giving her and even better view straight down my semi naked body at my bare breasts, disarrayed clothes and the my bare puss and panties stretched across the top of my thighs pinning my legs together.

"Oh, don't stop Katie," she said lazily, "not if you want to keep your job that is. I was quite enjoying that." Her left hand crept up and she rested her chin on it, and I saw her very cute smile cut from one side of her face to the other.

I gulped, Danni had a rep as a bit of a hard arse, although I had to admit hard or not, it was a very fine arse indeed and right then I couldn't think what to do.

Danni leaned forward over me, sliding her finger across the mouse pad on the laptop so the DVD controls came back up and she pressed `play' and the movie recommenced from the point when I'd been disturbed.

Her head was almost next to mine and the hand working the computer slid back to rest on the arm of the chair perilously close to my fingers, still wet with my own pussy juice.

"There," she said, as the two women got back on with it on the small screen, "that's better now, Oh is that dark haired girl horny." She cooed and closed her eyes. I heard her take a deep breathe through her nose, and she whispered in my ear as she exhaled, "There is nothing quite so sexy as the smell of a young woman's pussy juice."

Her hand took mine gently by the wrist and raised it to her face until it touched her nose. "Hmm; Katie you do smell good," a long wet tongue shot along the side of my forefinger and middle finger before she slide them both into her mouth for a long suck, "shit girl, you taste even better."

She let go of my hand and nuzzled her face into my neck and into my dark brown hair draping lightly over my shoulders, while the spare hand had slid off of the chair was before I knew it was squeezing my ample tits pinching towards the rock hard nipple pointing so insolently. She squeezed it really hard and I gasped.

"So, just as I thought, my dirty little Katie likes it a bit rough does she?" I gasped, Christ but this woman had seen straight through me, "DOES SHE!?!" she said louder pinching my nipple and squeezing my boob with it.

"Yes Danni," I gasped.

"Mam," she hissed into my ear.

"Yes Mam," I cooed.

"Good girl," she gave up my still tingling boob to gently stroke a hand through my hair.

Next thing I knew my chair had been spun around so I was facing her and she was leaning over me taking in the full view.

"Strip for me," she said. I made to undo my blouse, "And your reply is?"

"Yes Mam!" I said,

"Stand up, I want to see all of you," I leapt to my feet, my red string panties falling slowly from my knees to the floor, "Slow down Katie, I don't want to miss anything," she purred brushing her short brown hair back behind her ear and sitting in my chair, slowly crossing her legs.

I pulled my skirt down from around my waist and unzipped it. It fell to the floor with just a push from me. It took a second or so for the last remaining buttons on my blouse to undo before I shrugged that off of my shoulders to hit the floor behind me. Lastly I was reaching behind me to undo the clip of my white lacy bra and soon that fell to floor, for me to push to one side with my foot.

"Very pretty Katie, do you know I hadn't quite realised what a beauty you really are, hands behind your back please Missy."

I did as ordered. Any fear I may have had about the situation just disappeared as soon as I saw the lecherously look in her eye, not one that I was a stranger too, only this was the first time I'd had one from another girl.

"Come here Katie and sit on my lap," she held her arms up to indicate where I should sit.

I sat, my bottom settling nicely on her lap, and I held my arms demurely in front of me.

"Now let me see, what I have to play with," she said, and gently ran her soft white hand down my chest and onto my tummy, while her left hand wound around my back and gently stroked down my spine making me tingle all over, I smiled and wriggled a little.

"You need to sit still Katie," she said, "If I'm going to do nice things to you, you really must sit still." As she finished the last two words he mouth opened and she licked each of my nipples in turn and I gasped, "Hmm, Katie-Katie has sensitive nipples does she?"

"Yes Mam," I gasped as her mouth settled on my right nipple and she sucked it deep into her mouth drawing its already erect fullness further from me. I felt a sharp nip as she bit slightly on me, and I writhed, "Be still Katie," she breathed, "don't make me punish you, sweet thing."

Her mouth closed on me again as she pulled me full onto to her and I put both arms around her neck to allow her more space to work, and she took full advantage.

Her right hand released my other boob, and sneaked down to my thighs pushing them apart. I readily relaxed and allowed her exploration, and was rewarded with two strong fingers pushing down either side of my puss stroking though the little pubic hair I had left there. Her strong hand cupped my entire pubic area and squeezed, and I cried out pulling her face more urgently into my boob, for which I received another nip!

What must have been her middle finger slid through the outer lips of my puss and slid up and down my slick wetness; I just could not figure how I was supposed to sit still with all of this amazing teasing going on, then I figured; perhaps I wasn't supposed to!

Her finger found the hard pearl of my clit first time, and my eyes shot open as she began to strum me like some kind of musical instrument, and she proved she was a virtuoso almost straight away. She flicked and strummed at me, pausing only for breath and to pull at my body to bring my other breast into range of her expert, seeking mouth. The other nipple tingled in the coolness of the air and from the wicked tongue lashing it has just gone through.

Within seconds of this I felt the slow build up in my loins that told me this was going to be one motherfucker of an orgasm, and it hit me hard, almost without warning and I felt myself go into one of those trembles that you can't control, and I was left spent and gasping, yet still desperate for more comes like that one.

"Why Katie!" snarled Danni, pushing me back slightly, "look at the stain on my lovely skirt," it was true, there was a pussy shaped mark on her tan coloured short skirt were I must have rubbed myself in the throes of orgasm. "Stand up this minute," she snapped and I did so, my head still spinning slightly. Next thing I knew, she was hurling my office chair to one side and grabbing another from across the office, I noticed at once that this one had no arms.


I knew just what I was in for, and it was a secret fantasy of mine.

She sat on the chair up, and pointed at the ground in front of her feet,

"There missy," she said sternly and I obeyed at once, feeling the tingle in my tummy similar to the one in my pussy. "You will learn to do what you are told and not to be disobedient,"

"Yes Mam," I said, my hands clasped in front of my puss.

"Right Katie, I am going to spank you on your bare arse until I think you have learned you lesson, is that clear?"

"Yes Mam, " I said hearing for the first time a slight tremble in my voice.

She reached out with her left hand and grabbed my left arm, swinging slightly on the chair she pulled my down so I instinctively reached for her thighs and lowered myself over her lap. The same left hand reached across me and clasped me around the waist holding me in place, while I supported myself on my hands and toes both stretched out.

"Now Katie, you understand why I'm doing this?"

"Yes Mam," I said.


To teach me to be obedient Mam," I hissed with another tremble that went all through me.

"Good girl," SMACK! Her palm landed on my right buttock, and I cried out with the shock and excitement of an erotic fantasy of mine that had been with me since high school finally coming true.

The second blow landed on my left buttock and I had to reach down and hold one of the chair feet for support. SMACK! Right buttock again and I cried out. This was followed by a regular pattern of spanks all over my bottom from high up the little crease were my thighs began.

"Aah... aah... ooh..." I felt it was time I played to my bit of the fantasy, "Please," I gasped, desperately hoping she'd ignore me, "Please Mam, ooh... be gentle, aah..it hurts so... aah,"

"It's meant to hurt Katie," she said, "otherwise I wouldn't be doing it would I?"

"Aaah, No Mam, ooh." I gasped and she continued.

The tingle in my bottom and the feeling of being out of control was building in my loins and my groans and moans became deeper,

"Are you about to come again, Katie?"

"Yes Mam," I gasped, "Please Mam,"

"OK, seeing as you've been good..." her spanks stopped and she gently stroked my sore bottom, trailing her fingers slowly down over my puss that must have been damp and gaping by now.

She kept her left hand holding me down while two fingers eased into my now sopping and enlarged pussy. The two fingers in me settled almost straight away on the rough skin of my G-spot and she almost scrubbed at it, pumping her fingers in and out of me at speed. There was nothing I could do to hold back the orgasm if I'd wanted, and her timing was perfect. As the contractions struck my belly and I began to writhe, a pussy-wet finger was introduced into my anus, which up to that point had been totally forgotten.

"Ooh, fuck YEAH, I gasped as her index and middle fingers pumped into both my holes at the same time, and I felt a slight gush of juice splash my leg, and I guessed hers. This was always a result of G-spot interference and I was always ready for it.

"Ooh Katie," she purred, "look at the mess you've made. I really must clean you up."

She made me stand and as soon as I was upright I was pushed against my desk until I was flat against is, the laptop, bag, and various other desk top stuff pushed quickly to one side.

My boobs felt the cold of the Formica desk top and I reached forward to grab the edge of the desk for security and also as something real within this fantasy world I was living in.

My knees were spread slightly and my battered bottom smarted as the pinked skin stretched a bit. I raised my head and turned to see her on the chair rolling forwards, hands raised to grab both cheeks of my arse. What I didn't expect was her mouth to settle on my freshly serviced puss and begin to roughly tongue me all around the entrance and up to and around my anus. I thanked heavens that I had scrubbed down there in the shower that morning!

She had perfect access to all of me and soon one hand released my bum and I felt a finger flicking at my clit again. The hands, the lips, the wanking all had me ready to go again, and I relaxed into the inevitable, glorious, gut wrenching orgasm.

Danni was obviously not going to stop at just three comes and carried on licking me, rimming me and occasionally pushing her long tongue as deep as she could into my puss.

The orgasm was as strong as the first and I felt my knees weaken and I felt myself slip slightly against the desk top. Fortunately the tight hold to the desk and reality kept me there.

She was finishing me off by lightly licking and kissing me all over my bottom and across the tops of my thighs.

She slide the chair back,

"There Katie, you were very good."

"I can be even better Mam," I said slowly turning around and sliding to sit on my desk. I had to slide left to right a bit to find a spot that was cool against the warmth Danni had put into my bottom a few moments before, and I ground my wet puss into it, thinking of the fantastic marks I might leave on the Formica.

"Really?" she said, "Explain,"

"Better if I show you Mam," I said crossing my long legs provocatively. She leant back in the chair and spread her legs slightly.

"I need to know if you're any good," she said, "I mean, do you have any experience?"

"Well," I said reaching up with my arms and pushing up my boobs, "two adventures come to mind. one was with a businesswoman, she was a bit like you," she had started to rub the front of her blouse.

"Really," she said, "do go on."

"Well Mam, we flirted at a bar and ended up in her hotel room where she tied me up with her bathrobe and we fucked all night and drank champagne - not all from a glass."

"From her pussy?"

"Yes Mam." She had raised the front of her skirt and was rubbing the front of her black string panties.

"Tell me more," she gasped, starting to get into it.

Well, there was another occasion was with an ex-girlfriend in a cinema. It was late, the other patrons were up front and were in the back." I closed my eyes at the wonderful memory, "she went down on me and gave me a very powerful climax."

"And did you reciprocate?"

"Yes mam, I felt I had too."

"And did you make her come?" I opened my eyes and saw that she had her hand down her panties and was masturbating.

"Let me show you..." I whispered and dropped to my knees in front of her. Taking her calves in my hands, I pushed them further apart and tucking a finger under the string I pulled it to one side, freeing a very swollen, enlarged and most of all damp puss. I licked from the crack of her bottom up to the hood of her clit and she moaned.

"Keep going Katie," she burst out.

I needed no second telling and I pushed her legs higher so her knees where at her boobs and attacked her pussy and anus at the same time -- licking puss, rimming, pushing fingers in both holes simultaneously or one at a time, until I felt her shudder to the first of three climaxes. At each one she shuddered, sighed and cried, out eventually as she was making her way up to the fourth, she cried out, "No more!"

"Last one Mam," I said, and then with a hint of devilment added, "I absolutely insist..."

She came powerfully, a pale yellow juice squirting at each contraction of her come, I struggled with my licking to catch as much as I could in my mouth.

I stood up and over her shaking, sweaty form and put my mouth to hers. Her lips parted to greet me, and I let some of her come juice drip into her own mouth.

She grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down on top of her and we struggled for balance as we each swapped the taste of the other.

I pushed myself up on her still upright knees and smiled down into her glowing face.

"Why Katie," she puffed slowly lowering her thighs, "you MINX!"

That weekend alone quickly became three nights of shared passion in my already booked hotel room, and only my bikinis got any use and that was only for one day -- she going so far as to wear one. The rest of the time we spent in bed and making use of room service, she forcing me to meet the waiters and waitresses in less and less clothing!

The drive back on Sunday night was one of the easiest trips of my life; no road rage, no anger of any kind. After all I'd been brought to orgasm by an expert more times than I can actually remember, although she did have to keep reminding me who the boss was through the simple expedient of flopping me over her knee and spanking a reminder into me whenever I forgot!

She will smile at me nicely as she goes through the office, and professionally she still gives me as much of a hard time as she does the rest, only I know if she's really annoyed I get summoned to her office, and I know these days to visit the loo and leave my panties in my handbag so she has less clothing to remove, after all I'd hate to make her even more cross... well... not too cross anyways!

-the end-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pumped-Up Teacher (F / F, Teacher / Student, Pussy Pumping Story)

Pumped-Up Teacher

Jessica is the sexiest senior (just turned eighteen) at her private school for girls. At full height, she is 5' 10", 131 pounds, with a mane of platinum-coloured hair that always seems to be perfect; it cascades down to the mound of her pornstar-ass. The orbs of her tits, with nipples that were always erect, were the roundness of gorgeous flesh-cantaloupes. Her emerald eyes, that were the shade of a meadow at sunset, and the crimson of her hair, told everyone around she was mostly Irish. The stilts of skin, muscle, and bone that were her legs, could be compared to a Vega dancers.
She was sexual, and masturbated every chance she could get. (She has been with only two men in her life...it was satisfactory at best.) Their dicks were small, and they didn't even give her oral, although she managed to let them both erupt in her awaiting mouth. After the last one, she told her roommate, "Men are just too fuckin selfish!"
Her roommate just responded, "Why don't you bat for the other team, then?"
Jessica laughed. But ever since then, as she caught notice of her friend's legs under her plaid skirt, she thought about it more than once. Today was the day she would have to make a choice concerning this. So let's join her, shall we?
Jessica was sitting in Advanced Mathematics with fifteen other students, and the teacher Ms. Kennedy. Ms. Kennedy was a young teacher at thirty-six, and had the body of a centrefold. Thick locks of blonde hair erupted from her scalp, and flowed down her back and over her shoulders in honey waves. Her eyes were ice-blue and penetrating. Her breasts were exquisite full "C"s, and recently, Jessica used to stare at them as they tried to break through the standard-issue sweater she was wearing. She was sitting on her desk now; her legs were crossed, and the neon lights above made the black stockings she wore shine.
Jill, an amazing brunette that sat in front of Jessica, was called by Ms. Kennedy to solve a problem on the board. As she sauntered over to the blackboard, her toes caught the rug, and she fell; her hands went out in front of her to alleviate most of the force. She was now down on all fours like a dog.
The entire classroom blurted out guffaws of laughter at their fallen schoolmate--even Jill was chuckling. Ms. Kennedy noticed one student did not join in: Jessica. Jessica's eyes were beheld by Jill's ass that was now exposed to her: the firmness of it; how her legs looked in her right-above-the-knee socks; and, most importantly, the plump mound of flesh under the cotton panties that marked Jill's pussy. Jessica caressed her top lip with her long tongue, moistening it. She wished right then and there, that she could have slid it up along those panties.
Jill stood up, and finally got to finish the math problem.
A minute later, the buzzer went off, and Ms. Kennedy said, "Alright class, no extra assignments today. Enjoy the weekend."
Everyone collected their books and stood up. Jessica was concentrating on the show that just took place, so she could remember it later in detail as she fingered herself in bed. She was just about to pass through the open door, when she heard Ms. Kennedy say, "Jessica, could you wait a minute? I'd like to talk to you."
"Sure." DAMN! She really needed to make herself cum now!
"Since Mr. Andrews has to use this classroom later, will you please accompany me to my office?" she said, as she picked up her briefcase.
Jessica nodded "yes", and they both left.
Ms. Kennedy's office was nothing more than a fifteen-by-fifteen room, that contained a loveseat, a small desk in the corner, bookshelves, and a filing cabinet. There was also a coffee table in front of the wanna-be couch.
The teacher opened the door, and while placing her hand at the base of Jessica's spine, she ushered her in.
Ms. Kennedy told her student to please be seated, pointing to the loveseat. Jessica thought: What the hell am I doin here? I haven't done anything. Ms. Kennedy locked the door behind her, and walked over to her desk. She threw the briefcase on top, and made her way to the table in front of Jessica.
The teacher sat down and, while her head was lowered, she let her eyes trace up Jessica's long legs. Ms. Kennedy crossed her legs slowly, watching her student try to force them open with her gaze alone.
"Do you know why you're here?" Ms. Kennedy asked.
"No. I actually don't." Then she thought back to the fall of Jill. "I hope you don't think that I tripped Jill!" she gasped.
"Of course not," Ms. Kennedy laughed. "But, it's about what happened while Jill was on the floor. I noticed something." Ms. Kennedy smiled like a mutt waiting to be pet.

Jessica's first mental reaction was that the teacher saw her lick her lips, and she would definitely be in a lot of trouble. "Wuh-What did you notice, Ms. Kennedy?"
"Please, we're in my office. Call me Danielle."
"Okay, Danielle. What did you notice?"
"I saw how you stared at Jill's ass, and I also saw the way you ran your tongue over your lips. Why?" Ms. Kennedy was still smiling, and she cocked her head to the side.
"I really would rather not talk about it."
"Jessica, you could confide in me. I would never tell a soul anything that you'd say to me." To emphasize, Ms. Kennedy rested her long-fingered hand on Jessica's knee.
Jessica, at once, jumped a little. She was getting hot, and she wouldn't want to cum in her panties in her teacher's office! "It's...well...it's just that lately, I've been thinking about girls," she said, her head now lowered out of embarrassment (as a bonus, she got to look at those silken legs for a while longer).
Ms. Kennedy massaged her hand around in circles on Jessica's knee-cap. "That's okay, honey. I think about girls, too. What else can you do in an all girls school. Sometimes, though, I wish I had a long, salty cock in my throat. But, you know...." She raised her hands to modify her statement.
The shock at hearing her teacher use such vulgarities, and the hand on her knee, was making little rivulets of hot girl-semen run into her white panties. She uncrossed her legs, shifted her ass, then crossed them the other way.
"What's the matter? Am I making you uncomfortable, dear? Or are you getting wet on how I'm talking to you? Probably both, right?"
Jessica bobbed her head up and down like she was hypnotized. "You think about girls, too? I thought that I was weird, or something."
"To answer your question: you bet your tasty-looking tits, I do. I've had sex with over twenty of them." Jessica's dark-green eyes opened wide like ovals as she heard her teacher state that remark. "For instance, you know that girl Jill, obviously. Well, I just ate her out last week. Jealous?"
"Damn right I am," Jessica laughed as she absentmindedly put her hand on top of Danielle's. "I wanted to fuck her for two years!"

"She does taste sweet, like a fine wine, or an expensive lager." Danielle leaned in, so that her face was near her student's exposed knee. Jessica could feel the spurts of warm breath on her skin. "But, I'll wager, that you taste muuuch better." And, at that, she unrolled her tongue, and spread her saliva over Jessica's knee.
At that moment, Jessica knew she would never complain about school again. "I have to tell you, Danielle, that I stare at your legs and tits everyday. Especially when you wear these stockings." Jessica figured "what the hell", and laid her right hand on her teacher's calf. She loved the almost liquid softness of the fabric. When she was younger, she used to frig her clit in her bed after she would see her mother wearing them.
Jessica let out a "mmmmm" as Danielle and herself massaged each other. Danielle said, "Have you ever seen someone else's pussy?"
"In the shower I try to sneak a peek, but I don't want to get caught, so I look away quick. And I've seen my roommate's once: She wiggled around in her sleep once, and the blanket fell off. She wasn't wearing anything! I got up off of my bed, and went and kneeled on the floor next to her bed. My face was only about three inches away, and I could smell her aroma. I wanted to suck on her long lips, but I knew she would scream. So I went back to my bed, and settled for fucking myself with my hair brush, instead." She sighed.
"I would have loved to see that," Danielle said as she moved her hand down to the fabric of the knee-high sock. "I also love it that you girls have to wear these. That's why I took this job. Okay, enough bullshit. Do you want to see my tits?"
"Yes, please."
Danielle gripped the bottom of her sweater, and drew it over her head. She was wearing a black bra that barely held the melons in place; as it turns out, Danielle purposefully buys her bras a little smaller, she likes the tightness of it. "You like?"
The teacher rubbed her fingertips over the place where her nipples were hiding. She then brought her hands together, and unclipped the fastener that was in front. Her globes of womaness popped out and jiggled a bit. Danielle ran her fingers around the areola, then pinched the cold-beer-can-stiff nipples.
"Can I touch them, pleeeaase?" Jessica now uncrossed her white legs; her juices were flooding the cotton that covered her lesbian-virgin snatch.
"Of course. I didn't bring you in here to tease you. Remember, we have all day, no more classes for either of us." Danielle leaned forward, her huge tits wobbled like obese cow utters.
The student leaned forward, and grabbed a handful of Danielle-breast with her right hand. "Not too hard, honey! My tits are sensitive. I know you're an eager little beaver, but just take it easy, okay?"
Jessica responded by softening her grip, and she moved her hand around as she still couldn't fathom what was transpiring. These tits are firm for a thirty-six-year-old, Jessica thought, as she now used both hands--one on each mound of flesh. Danielle's nipples were more erect than ever, as Jessica whispered, "Can I suck and lick them now?"
"Yes, sweety. Remember: gentle until I say otherwise."
Jessica nodded, and slid her wet pussy and ass closer to the edge; a thin streak of her warm liquid made a trail behind her on the leather loveseat. She inhaled a lungful of air, and rested her full lips right on a nipple.
"You don't screw around, do you?"
"Ummm, Huhmmm," Jessica mumbled while she tugged and sucked on the nub of stiff skin. Drool started to slip out of the corners of her mouth, and dribbled down the glistening fun-bag. Jessica's hands were busy squeezing both tits as she swirled her tongue around the hard nipple. Danielle was watching all of this, and she noticed the length of the slab of muscle that was licking her.
"My, my, Jessica. Your tongue is long! That'll come in handy later." Danielle, never in her life has she needed to suckle a breast more than right now, said, "Now it's my turn, you schoolgirl whore. Lean back."
Jessica looked disappointed, but did as she was told. "I can play with them later, right?"
"Yes. But now, I need some tit. Take your shirt off."
She did as commanded, and stuck her thumbs under her sweater, and pulled it off. She nibbled at her lower lip as she started to unbutton the white shirt. She removed this, as well, and slung it across the room. Her bra was dusk-blue, and her full "C"s made a nice line of cleavage.
Danielle ran her finger down the crevasse of her tits, and said, "I bet you'd like to have a guy stick his dick between these?"
Jessica's eyes were closed as Danielle caressed her mounds. All she answered with was a moan.
The student reached around and undid her bra; it fell on her lap, and Danielle picked it up, and threw it behind her. Jessica opened her eyes so she could watch, as her teacher cupped her nice size tits. "Yours are very nice. By far the best I've seen in this school." She then stood up, and her knockers bounced around. At the site of that, Jessica spread her legs a little wider; the hem of her green and black plaid skirt was almost up to her waist. Danielle lifted a leg up, and rested the knee on Jessica's left side, then she repeated with the other, straddling her student. Jessica couldn't help herself. She took a quick lick of the saliva-soaked nipple.
"My turn, I said." Danielle playfully stated as she reached out to take her students breasts in her hands again.
"Squeeze mine hard, please. I need it so bad."

"No problems, there," and she did as she was asked. The flesh was so firm, that it didn't even filter through the spaces in between her fingers. Damn this girl is horny, she thought. The older woman used her thumbs to roll Jessica's nips around. Soft gasps, and quick breathing escaped Jessica's partially open mouth. Danielle lowered her head and sucked hard on her students protruding baby-feeders.
"Bite them, bitch! Bite em!" Jessica did't know what came over her, and instantly she was sorry she called her teacher (lover?) a bitch. But Danielle just wormed her tongue around, and bit down hard. Every time she closed her teeth on the hard flesh, Jessica cooed, "Ooooh...Ooooh..." The feeling of her teacher's nylons rubbing against her outer thighs was also driving her crazy.
Danielle let the young girl's nipple fall out of her mouth as she drew back up. She looked into Jessica's glossy eyes, and said with a grin on her lips, "Foreplay is over, my dear. It's time to get down to business."
She rose up, and off the couch. The way she was standing in front of Jessica--her legs half-open, her huge jugs with their nipple-eyes staring at her, the high-heels, and the skirt that came up just above her knees--drove her to sink her hands into her lap, and started rubbing through her panties.
"Oh no you don't. Your not getting off that easy." Danielle shook her head. When Jessica lifted her hands out of her lap, Danielle got a good look between her student's legs.

"My, dear, don't you shave? I thought these days, all young girls did."
"I just never thought about it. Why, are you? Is it better?" Jessica was trying to picture her teacher's naked, bare cunt.
"Yes I am. And it's soooo much better. But that's okay, sweetie. I have a bathroom over there, and I could clean that garden right up for you if you want."
"I want."
"Follow me," Danielle said, as she reached down and took her student by the hand. They walked over to a door, and Danielle opened it. Inside was nothing more than a tiolet, a sink with a small medicine cabinet above it on the left, and a towel hanging on the wall. Danielle gestured for Jessica to sit down on the john, and she started to remove her skirt. Danielle stopped her, and said, "Please leave that on. They're so sexy. I'll just slide your panties down for ya." The high school teacher knelt down on one knee, and ran her hands up the younger girl's legs, from the ankle, all the way up to her thighs. Jessica's legs squirmed and wiggled at the touch; she could feel her cunt dripping its feminine moisture. Danielle grasped the sides of her underwear, and slowly pulled them down over the perfect hips. After Jessica stepped out of them, Danielle slung them into the gorner. "Won't be needin those for a long while. Now sit down."
Jessica did as she was told, and rested her beautiful ass down on the lid. Danielle opened the cabinet, and brought out shaving cream and a fresh razor. There was already a bottle of lotion on the sink for afterwards. She turned, and took an eyeful of student in. There was Jessica, her legs spread wide with her plaid skirt crumpled up around her waist, her knee-high socks covering her calves, and her jubilees, sans bra.
Danielle took this time to lick her lips, and grabbed a towel off of the rack. She wet it with cold water, and started toward her student. Jessica just kept leering at the bouncing tits and the sway of her teacher's legs as she walked. Danielle knelt down, and inhaled deeply at the odour that was emanating from the pussy in front of her. "Honey, your going to have to spread those love-sticks wider for me. I have to get close so I can see what I'm doing. I don't want to cut you, baby." So Jessica opened her legs as wide as they could go.
Danielle wet down the hair with the cold water on the towel, and Jessica's body convulsed. Danielle used cold water for this exact effect; it made the hairs stand out more. After the towel was rubbed with care around the lips, labia, and clit, she got the tuft of hair on top wet. With every passing of the towel, Jessica's legs shook, and Danielle noticed the beads of cum on the wet hair, and the line of moisture that crept down to her asshole. She couldn't wait much longer for her face to be buried in there.
Daniele applied the shaving cream all over the hair, paying special attention to the lips and crevasse. She looked down at her hand, and she could see the oily girl-sperm mixed with the cream. She brought the razor up, and traced it down the left side of the dripping pussy in smooth strokes. She could hear the hairs being cut with each pass. With the left side bare, she ever-so-gently sliced the tiny hairs off of the slit. Now that some hair was removed, Danielle saw that the soaked flaps of cunt-skin were very large. They stuck out about two inches. After the centre was as clean as the left side,she started on the right. Moans were coming from above her, and Danielle got a little surprise.
As Jessica was about to climax, her body started to shake violently.
"Ohhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh.....AHHHHHHHHHH!" And then, with no warning, the student's pussy shot out a gushing stream of thick, white sperm right into Danielle's face. It convulsed, and this time Danielle opened her mouth just in time, to take a squirt right into her gaping maw. As Danielle wiped the creamy cunt-juice off of her face (she then sucked all of it off of her fingers), she saw the half-shaved pussy buck and pulse like a spasming muscle. And after each pulse, more cum creamed out in short bursts.
Jessica opened her dazed eyes, and looked down to see her teacher dripping juice from her own cunt onto the floor. She also noticed what she had done. "Duh-Danielle, I'm so sorry." White cream was stuck to her hair, neck, and tits. She was soaked!
Danielle's own orgasm ceased as she looked up at Jessica, "Dear, I just seen the greatest sight of my life. When your snatch erupted like that, I caught some in my mouth and swallowed it all. But I want more later. And trust me, I have a few surprises for you, too. But now, I have to finish the shaving."
With the shaving done, Danielle eyed up her work. Beautiful. The hair around the mound of soft woman-flesh was gone, and she left a little "landing strip" on top, below her navel. She lotioned her up, and then led her back into the office.
"Go sit back on the couch. I have the first surprise for you in my filing cabinet." Jessica did as she was told, while Danielle watched the ass shift under the plaid skirt. The white semen was running down both of her legs, and sometimes, a string of it would stretch from one leg to another. Danielle just grunted, and walked over to her briefcase. She pulled out a key, and went to the cabinet.
Jessica was looking down at her bald, glistening lady-crevasse as she noticed a pair of stockinged legs before her. She brought her gaze up, and saw that Danielle was holding something and smiling.
The large part in her hand, was shaped like an oval, and made of clear plastic with rubber around the ridge. A hose was connected to a "T" shaped piece of plastic. Jessica asked, "What's that?"
"This, my squirting student, is a pussy pump. Trust me, you're going to luuhhv it." Danielle laid the pump down on the coffee table, and pushed the table away from the loveseat. She then hooked her tumbs into the sides of her dark-blue skirt, and slid it down. "It's about time I showed you my goods," she said as the skirt got thrown over her shoulder. The thigh-highs went all the way up to just below her bulging heap of cunt. A line of cum was hanging from in between the folds of her vagina. Jessica had to taste it. She reached out her hand, and grabbed the clear liquid with her thumb and forefinger. She brought it up to her mouth amd stuck the fingers in. She sucked on them like a baby with a bottle. "Damn that's good."
"Oh, trust me, you'll get plenty later. Now just sit back and relax. I'd tell you to spread em, but you've already done that."
Danielle knelt in front of the open legs of her student, and set the rubber-lined plastic bulb part against the wet and bare skin of the sexy cunt. "Now I'm going to pump that pussy of yours up. Your going to feel a bit of pulling pressure. It might hurt a tad at first, but don't worry, you'll love it. This makes your area more sensitive. Plus it also makes it look plump. When you do me, you'll see how great it looks. You'll probably want to get one of your own, and walk around all day with a bulging pussy like I do."
"You walk around like that! I'd go nuts. I would want to sick something in me to relieve the pressure."
"That's the best part, as you will see later. But, yeah, sometimes I sit at my desk, and I'm pumping right in the classroom as I look at you girls' legs. But now, it's your turn."
Danielle held the pumping mechanism between her thighs, as she held the cup against the girl's snatch. The other started to plunge the "T" stick down, then pull up...down ...up...very slowly, at first. Jessica groaned at the suction, but Danielle noticed that it was all pleasure. She started doing it a bit faster. She looked into the clear plastic: the cunt was being pulled almost to the max. The plastic was fogging, so she went up and down five more times, and flicked the release valve. The cup fell off with a "pop".
"Now that's the most wonderful cunt I have ever seen. And that's saying a lot, because, until now, I thought mine was the best. I'm jealous." Jessica's pussy was swelled out about two inches! It was red, and the long lips were even longer, as they were plumpy too. White cream was dribbling down the slit, and puddling on the sofa.

"How does it look?" Jessica asked.
"Like I said, it's amazing. Hold on." Danielle got up and shook her ass over to her desk. She came back with a hand mirror, and handed it to her student.
"WOW! You're right. With it shaved and swollen, I want to eat it."
"Don't worry, you'll get mine. But now I want to be pumped up, so trade places."
They exchanged spots, and now Jessica finally got a dreamy look at the facade of her teachers cunt. It was completely hairless! None on top, or anything. Danielle lifted her high-heeled feet onto the couch, and Jessica could see droplets of woman-semen clinging to the stockings. She wished she had had a video camera. Danielle's lips were thick, and rounded round the hole. She was as pink as could be, but Jessica would change that.
Jessica placed the pump against the flesh, and set the handle between her thighs. As she held the cup, she started the pumping. Danielle moaned with ecstasy. "Honey, pump fast. That's how I like it."
Jessica listened to the older woman, and pistoned the mechanism up and down, like she did a couple of times with cocks. "Ooooh, do it baby! Punish my pussy! Pump it all the way up till I explode!" Danielle's thrusts were timed with the pumps, and she was shaking and wrenching her legs open and closed, open and closed.
An orgasm was building in Jessica, and she knew it wouldn't be long until she blew.
The bulging cunt was now obscenely pressed up against the inner wall of the cup, and it was as red as a drunk's nose. "Do you want me to stop? I think your pussy's going to break through!" Now, as she pumped harder and harder, the rubber ridge actually came away from the flesh as there was no more room for cunt in it.
"A...few...more...times...." Danielle whimpered in between breaths.
Four more times, and Danielle told Jessica to stop. The valve was released, and a much louder pop sounded when the cup actually flew off about half a foot. The hissing of the air was also more obvious.
As their breathing slowed, the teacher told her student to put the toy down, and hand her the mirror. Before she handed the mirror over, Jessica was in awe of the bulbousness of the wet vagina. It was almost twice the size as her own. The colour was the red of a pure-ripe apple, and she also had a thin river of clear liquid running between the profusely large flaps of flesh.
"I think that's the biggest it's ever been," Danielle said, stunned. "Just look at my clit! It looks like a small cock!"
"That's actually bigger than one dick I sucked. And I'll bet ya that yours tastes better." A shiny spot was forming on a corner of Jessica's mouth as she seen the protruding, three-inch-long clitoris.
Danielle laughed at that, and said, "I think your ready for some full-out munching. Join me in a 69, will ya?"
Before the teacher got out "will ya", Jessica was already sitting next to her on the chair. "Like I said, eager beaver. You want top or bottom?"
Daniele stood up so Jessica could stretch out. After she did, Danielle lowered her drippig pussy over her students waiting face. The smell of vaginal secretions assaulted both girls' nostrils as they were inches away from humongous, bloated cunts. "Now I'm not going to tell you what to do with my pussy; I'll let you just go with your instincts. I think you'll do just fine. You just let me know when you're going to unleash the flood; I want to be prepared this time. I don't like to waste good food. And when I say I'm going to cum, brace yourself and open wide."
"Okay my pussy-pumping teacher slut. Let's eat." And Jessica could hold out no longer, so she buried her face into the awaiting mound of woman-meat. The taste was sweet and sour, and she engorged in it. She shook her head side to side as if she was a wolf trying to rip a limb off of a rabbit. She bobbed her head as she sucked on the stiff clit. Her hands were on the sides of the pussy, and it felt like she was holding a football. Danielle's ass wavered back and forth, as she her self was binging on snatch.
The teacher did it different, though. She found satisfaction in running her tongue over the puffy length of her students lips. Every time she removed her tongue, a filmy, white string of Jessica's cum would connect the two. Danielle entered three fingers at once into the gooey flesh.
Jessica moaned in delight, but it was muffled because of how far her tongue was inserted into her teacher's love-hole. As soon as the fingers entered, Jessica took her own fingers--two only--and pushed them in all the way to the knuckles. She shoved them in and out in such a fast motion, droplets of teacher-cream was spilling out, and landing on Jessica's face, lips, and tits.
As their groans became louder and louder (their mouths and fingers working vigorously to give each other the climax of a lifetime), Jessica moaned, "Ooooo, oooo, come on mama, I'm almost there. Ohhhh! Suck my huge cunt! Bite into it like a steak! Take my sweet lips in between your teeth, and pull them out as far as they'll go! That's it...that's it, Danny." Jessica jammed all four fingers deep into her teacher, while one from her other hand got lubricated with cum. She poked it straight into Danielle's puckered asshole with no warning.
"Whoooo!" the teacher screeched into the sloppy swollen puss under her. "OHHH, I like that...I like that. Sink it in deeper, baby! Suck my cunt and fuck my ass, I'm almost there! Get ready!"
Thirty more seconds of slushing sounds as they entered and fed on one another. Then Jessica gripped the nylon thighs of her teacher, and breathed, "Here it comes."
Her nails dug into the thigh-highs, and Danielle was ready for the orgasm this time. Just as before, Jessica's hips girated, and rose up and down from the loveseat as Danielle's mouth was wide open. A shotgun blast of virgin-white cum blew out of the bulbous vagina right into the mouth of the teacher. She felt shot after hot shot hit the back of her throat as the pussy pulsed.
"Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! Yeaaaahhhh!" Jessica yelled as she jammed her four fingers in and out of the extremely large mound of red skin.
There was a lot of semen spewing out of the student, but Danielle swallowed every last drop; some was stuck and swinging from her face, but she licked that right off. The sight of those knee-high stockings, and the puffed-out pussy still pulsing and fauciting out hot cum, pushed her over the edge.
"Here it comes my little squirting whore, you'd better be ready for it!"
Jessica placed her fingers on both side of the bulging snatch, and spread the lips wide. What was almost a gallon of translucent sperm waterfalled down onto Jessica's pretty, young face. Her mouth was open, and she caught most of the load in it. But there was just too much for a virgin swallower to handle. It poured all around her face, and soaked her hair and heaving chest. The tastes; the smells; the feel of the jizm's viscousness brought a little more cum from the student's burning cunt. Danielle's head was now resting against the vagina-pillow, and she felt the hot spurts fire against her cheek; she would let Jessica clean that off, she thought.
"You were the greatest fuck of my life. I hope you had fun," the teacher said as she lay against the beating cunt.
"You swallowed all my fun, cum-slut. I couldn't get all of yours; there was just too much! I guess that's what comes from having a swollen pussy all day." Jessica took a couple of lazy swipes of some of the sticky cum that was hanging from the pumped-to-the-brink snatch.
"You see, your a natural squirter. I, myself, have to earn it, in a manner of speaking. You know you want to walk around all day with your lips all puffy, so don't worry, I'll take care of you.
Danielle got to a standing position, and motioned for her student to sit next to her on the soaked couch. Their asses slid around on the semen, and they enjoyed every bit of it. Both women, at the same time, placed the arches of their feet on the coffee table; their legs were still open. The coolness around the room kissed their steaming hot vaginas.
"We definitely have to do this again," Jessica said to her teacher. "I'll look at school in a whole new light from now on."
"But we still have to get a nice-sized prick in you. Women are excellent, but sometimes you just need the pole."
"I know. Maybe you could hel--"
She was cut off by the jingling of keys in the door. They turned their head in horror, as they saw the knob turn. The door swiveled in on its hinges, and they both saw the janitor standing there, staring at their stockinged legs, and puffed-up cunts.
"I'm sorry. I thought you were gone for the day." He couldn't take his eyes off of what he was witnessing. All around them was a wetness, and he started getting a hard-on.
"Well, shut the door before anyone else gets a peek!"
The janitor shut the door, and just stood there. He figured he would lose his job for his one.
"Drop your mop...and your pants. Now," Danielle said.
Stunned, he did what he was told. Down came the pants and boxers he was wearing. Although, only semi-hard, his cock was still at seven inches. Both women leered, wondering what it would be like to ride that pony. Danielle said to her student, "Now THAT'S a cock, my dear."
The janitor walked over to the girls, his massive dick growing by the second, and swinging back and forth, slapping against his inner thighs....
To be cunt-inued....(Sorry)

-the end-

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Alex and Jenn

She had a nice ass.

My face turned bright red thinking that. It was true, though. I didn't consider myself bisexual or anything, but, damn.

My delicious view was made possible by the fact that she was only five feet tall, so she needed to stand on a stool to reach a bag of chips in a high cupboard. Her short shorts barely covered that beautiful ass, and as she stretched to reach the bag I couldn't help but stare. It was a really, really nice ass.

"She" is Alex. I'm Jenn. Her parents were out of town for the weekend so I was at her house to watch movies, eat chips, and talk about guys all night. My view of her ass only lasted a moment before she turned around, smiled at me, and hopped off the stool, chips in hand.

"C'mon," she said, "let's put in a movie," and she turned and walked into the living room. I kept my gaze steadily on her shoulder-length brown hair, and tried to convince myself that I wasn't not looking at her ass on purpose. She pushed a cassette into her VCR, then collapsed onto her small couch. I sat, cross-legged, in front of her. The movie turned out to be extremely sexy, with lots of nudity. I could feel warmth between my legs during certain scenes, and almost wished I was alone so I could masturbate.

About an hour into the movie, I heard a quiet moan above me. I looked up and was shocked, and I had to admit a little intrigued, to see Alex's hand massaging her crotch through her shorts. It was clear that she didn't want to actually masturbate with me in the room, yet couldn't really help herself. Suddenly, she realized I was watching her and stopped abruptly. Her face turned bright red.

"I--uh--I mean--sorry. I was, um..." she began.

"No, it's okay," I said. "I'm, well, I'm enjoying the movie, too..." I continued, not sure how to phrase my sentence. She smiled tentatively.

"Okay," she said. I smiled in what I thought was a reassuring way, and then turned back to watch the movie. My stomach was churning, I was amazed at the thought of my friend masturbating. I mean, I guess pretty much everyone does it, but I never really think about other people doing it.

Behind me I heard Alex continue to moan. She had taken my acceptance to heart and, as I stole a glance out of the corner of my, I saw that she had now shoved her hand into her shorts.

By this time I was really turned on. Now that Alex was masturbating openly, my inhibitions started to melt and I moved my hand slowly into my jeans, acutely aware of my friend pleasuring herself inches away. At the first light stroke of my middle finger on my pussy, I closed my eyes and groaned. The soft sounds of my best friend enjoying herself, the feel of her labored breathing on the back of my neck, and the grunts coming from the television as two people fucked contributed to arousing me more than I had ever been aroused in my life.

"Jenn?" came Alex's voice. I jumped.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Well...it's just...it's kind of hard to, well, y'know...when I have my shorts on..." she said, a little apprehension in her voice. "Do you mind if I, um..." her voice trailed off.

"Um, uh, y-yeah, sure," I stuttered, a little overwhelmed.

"Thanks," she gasped, sounding relieved. I heard rustling of cloth as Alex's shorts and then panties were removed. I could smell her pussy now. I stared at the television, desperate not to look. I was, after all, straight. Unfortunately, the movie had now moved on to a girl-girl scene which hardly helped my situation.

I heard a particularly loud groan behind me and was no longer able to control myself. My eyes darted up and I was suddenly watching Alex's bare pussy. She stuck her index and middle fingers in her wet hole to lubricate them, and then pulled them out and started circling her clit. Then she would stick them back in, and do it over again. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, so I was relatively sure she had no idea I was paying such close attention.

As if in a dream, I reached down and unzipped my jeans. I pulled my left leg out, then my right, and tossed them aside. Next I slid off my soaked panties, my eyes never leaving her dripping cunt. I shoved three fingers into myself and started pumping in and out while circling my clit with my thumb. After a few minutes of mutual gasping and groaning, Alex's moans began to get louder, then louder. Finally she gave a high-pitched squeal and her juices flowed out of her pussy. I could see the muscles clench in her naked legs, and suddenly I reached orgasm as well.

I turned my head away and stared at the ceiling as I screamed and came. I could feel blood pounding in my temples. My entire body spasmed with pleasure. For a brief moment I lost all control of myself.

Finally we were both silent. I closed my eyes with the post-orgasm bliss. Then Alex was there.

She dropped on me without any warning at all. There was a loud, wet slap as our pussies made sudden contact. Her petite breasts were smashed against mine. We were separated only by my black t-shirt and her yellow tube top. Before I could protest her tongue was in my mouth, licking everywhere. She let out a low moan and ground her hips against mine as she tasted every part of my mouth.

I couldn't think, she was everywhere, the entire universe, there was nothing but her. Her tongue, the taste of her saliva, was so invasive, so intruding, so frightening, and yet so intoxicating. My pussy contracted with pleasure as she humped me. I could hardly breathe. I gasped into her mouth with disgust, fear, confusion, and ecstasy. I wasn't sure if my eyes were opened or closed. It didn't matter, though, she saturated each of my senses. My entire soul was surrendered to her.

I don't know how long we were in this position. It was such an all-consuming passion, I didn't have any sense of time at all. It could have been hours or seconds. It was the most sensual, erotic experience of my life. I orgasmed at least five times. I don't remember anything from this part of the night except that it was beyond incredible. It was pure, animal lust.

When it was over, she rolled off of me. My t-shirt was as soaked with sweat as my pussy was with our juices. It took a good five minutes for us to catch our breath, lying next to each other, staring at the ceiling. Finally, I spoke.

"Oh. My. God." I couldn't believe what had just happened. My mind hadn't yet wrapped itself around the fact that I had just fucked the hell out of my best friend. We turned our heads to look at each other. She was so beautiful. I reached over and stroked her hair.

"That was incredible," she said.

"Tell me about it."

We couldn't possibly have fucked any more that night. We could barely move, we were so exhausted. We fell asleep staring into each other's eyes.

"Good morning, lover," said Alex's voice. It took a while for my brain to parse the sentence. Lover? Dry mouth. Mouth is dry. Lover? Alex? What?






I opened my eyes. Alex was smiling down at me. Naked. Her nipples were red. Beautiful, beautiful, red nipples on beautiful, beautiful small breasts on beautiful, beautiful Alex. She was straddling me. Her fuzzy bush was tickling my stomach. I was naked, too. She must have worked my shirt off while I was asleep.

"I want you," she said. I grinned up at her. She leaned down and kissed me. The kiss was sweet, affectionate. She licked my lips and the tips of our tongues touched, then she pulled away. By now, I was very much awake. She began kissing my chin, then my throat, working her way down. She then moved to my left nipple and sucked, licked, nibbled. I moaned with desire for her. Then she dragged her tongue across my chest, leaving a cold trail of wet skin, to the other nipple where she did the same thing. I arched my back and shivered with delight. Finally, she started kissing her way down again. She stopped at my navel and stuck her tongue in. This drove me absolutely wild. Shivers ran up and down my spine. Finally she moved on, and a moment later she was right in front of my pussy, which was now soaked. I could feel her sniffing and exploring. She was like a puppy.

Finally she started to work. I gasped as her tongue entered my vagina and started licking inside me. She licked and slurped noisily and I became more and more aroused. After a while she moved up and nibbled my clit, then went back down, then up again. My cries became louder and louder. Eventually I couldn't stand it any longer and orgasmed with a scream. I came and came...

We fucked for hours that morning. Finally, as we lay in each other's arms, she remembered to be a good host.

"Did you want some breakfast...?" she asked. I grinned and kissed her.

"No thanks. I already ate."


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Edith Learns To Pleasure Herself

Teaching Edith how to masturbate was only the beginning. She was so totally prudish that she felt it was not permissible for her to "touch herself down there." It was quite a pleasant surprise, and one that was so thoroughly enjoyed by many of the girls, from experienced mistresses to novice subs, when she was first acquired. One or some of the girls showing Edith the wonders that lay between her legs, hidden and so carefully preserved all this time devoted countless hours. At times, her masturbation was slow and deliberate, carefully taking her to the edge of her climax, only to cradle her gently as she fell back, not quite attaining her anxiously awaited orgasm. Other times, she was taught to masturbate vigorously, hitting a full-blown orgasm in a short period of time. All along, her extremely sensitive nipples, barely pimples upon her totally flat breasts were assiduously entertained and tormented, training her that no orgasm was possible without enduring massive torment upon her lovely nipples.

Of course, she was never left alone. She was always in the presence of another girl, whether it is exercising at the gym, doing household chores, going on social outings, or simply being around the home. At night, Edith shared a bed with a novice sub, both their arms tied wide apart to the bedposts to prevent straying, but of course the door was always kept open as an invitation to any passing girl to enter, untie her hands, and guide them to pleasure herself. Edith always showered with another girl and her bodily functions were always in the presence of another girl. Thus, her masturbation was actively and frequently encouraged, but always closely supervised.

Edith is very tall, standing at six feet, and very thin, barely tipping the scale at 115 pounds. With short, brownish blond hair, she has huge, brown eyes with that scared look of a deer caught in the headlights. She is totally flat chested. Flat as a board. In the place of breasts, Edith barely has a tiny mound. Almost imperceptible unless one feels her up close. Her flatness is barely crowned by two little pimples, referred to in other women as nipples. But Edith's are really tiny. When aroused, the take on the size, color, and hardness of cherry pits, but of course not as large. And how exquisitely sensitive they are! Squeezing them, pinching them sharply, rolling them coarsely between fingers, she squirms and moans in the most delicious agony!

It was decided from the start that Edith would be kept flat. It was a decision to which all agreed. Her diet was intentionally low fat. Even when taking her down every morning to the gym for her workout, the trainer was instructed to keep her away from any type of upper body exercise. Being very thin, all the efforts were made to strengthen her legs and thighs, with alternating weight training and aerobics. But always for her legs, and always being careful to keep her upper body from putting on any additional weight or bulk. Edith is flat. We are determined to keep her that way. She is so lovely!

It is so nice to look back upon those days when Edith was being introduced to the intimate joys of self-pleasuring! The girls were all eager to help her out! Her body would be caressed gently. Her face stroked carefully. As she lay back, one would have a glass of water or ice tea handy, offering her an occasional sip to quench her thirst. Yes, it is true that her nipples were actively tormented. Or an occasional finger would slip in slightly into her tight, virgin ass to augment her anxiety. Sometimes a girl would part her labia, fondling the folds. But the ultimate masturbation was Edith's and Edith's alone. It was she and only she who could and would touch her quivering clit. It was her fingers and only her fingers that would explore the mysteries of her wonderful cavern of love. In the end, it was Edith who would bring herself to a splendid orgasm!

Once that had been accomplished successfully over a period of two months, the time came to change her habits. Now that Edith was comfortable pleasuring herself, the decision was made to force her to abandon her previously learned delights and learn new ways of bringing herself to a climax. This was an extremely hard process for Edith. Countless tears were cried; endless pleas went ignored. In the end, she triumphed and now is the single most demanded woman for masturbation in the entire team.

The transition was painful as it was hard for her. Having been trained and accustomed to masturbate frequently during the day and night, she got into the habit and need to achieve multiple orgasms during the course of every twenty-four hours. Suddenly and without notice to her, she was ordered to stop. All the girls were also ordered to abandon their practice on her. Her arms were constantly at her side, held in place with Velcro straps attached to her wrists and then to a slender gold chain about her waist. Whereas her nipples would constantly get very sharp, short pinches, it was never long enough for her to even come close to an orgasm. When it was discovered that she was rubbing her thighs together, a short spreader bar was attached to her legs to keep them from closing all the way. Even wiping herself after peeing was made off-limits. Another girl would wipe her clean, quickly so that Edith would not get carried away.

Her change was announced over dinner one night, with all the girls happily agreeing. The time to change had come! Edith was now instructed on a completely new and different way to masturbate. Since she is left-handed, her masturbation now switched to her right hand only. It may seem trivial, but for Edith it was clumsy at best. She did not quite know how or what to do, and her right hand did not have the aim or direction of her left hand. Tears flowed down her face as she bravely tried to have an orgasm with the wrong hand. The girls were next to her, encouraging her to go on, but it took a long time for Edith to get herself off. And then there were changes in position. Since she had been learning to pleasure herself with her legs apart, now they were held close together. Or she had to lie down on her tummy. Or masturbate through her panties. Every time was a change; every time Edith had a very hard time getting started and going all the way.

What Edith did not know was that she was being videotaped all along. Countless hours of her lessons in masturbation were being recorded. Then The Night finally arrived! Edith would be fucked. She had been waiting for this night for weeks. The days preceding it, she was told over and over again what to expect. She was trembling day and night. She was brought in to sleep with one or another girl as she was being fucked so that Edith would see what it was all about. She was wide-eyed and so scared! That she would be deflowered was exciting enough. That she would be deflowered in public was almost too much for her to bear. But that night, she was brave and bold. She was ready. She knew it. Everyone knew it!

The tapes were played in random sequence. Scenes appeared from different days, all played on a large screen TV. All could see the close-up intimately feminine details of Edith as she had learned how to masturbate. She was taken to the center of the room. With all the girls delicately nude around her, Edith lost her virginity.

No sooner had she been fucked that she immediately was left alone, in the center of the room. Still highly aroused, out of her own free will, she started to hum. With her eyes wide open, and looking around the room, she masturbated to a glorious orgasm! Bottles of champagne were taken out, and crystal cups were passed around. Toasting to her orgasms, Edith joined the select group of women who can give themselves the most perfect and feminine of all pleasures: that of an orgasm all alone, in the company of those of us who love her so dearly!

-the end-

Fear In The Mind

One of these nights it's all going to go wrong. I know it will. I've done everything but move to an apartment to avoid it. And I can't move out because I don't have the money to afford it. So I have to settle for watching the clock tick away the seconds until my roommate and I either have sex or get into a big brawl.

It's not her fault that she happens to be my physical ideal of a bedmate. It's also not her fault that she's Asian. How was she supposed to know that I'd always wanted to have my cunt licked by a beautiful Asian woman? She's not a mind reader. None of my feelings are her fault. She's just a naturally caring person with looks to die for and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps.

And she's single. I know because I get to hear all of her attempts to find Mr. Right. She's been to several bars and more than a few frat parties, but has so far only wound up getting pawed by drunk assholes thinking with their dicks. None of them give a rat's hairy ass about how sensitive she is. When she finally returns to the dorm room I'm the first person to hear her moan and cry about how cold and lifeless those schmucks were. Do you have any idea how hard it is not to grab her and hold her tenderly in my arms? The first time I came so close to giving in to that urge that I went directly into the shower and frigged myself well past my normal three-orgasm limit.

And it isn't getting any better. Last night Nina, my roommate, came in early. It was only midnight and I was dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. I was putting the finishing touches on my differential equations homework for the weekend when she walked in. One look at her face told me that something bad had happened. That was an understatement.

From what I could gather, Nina had a run-in with two drunks. They were all but mauling her when a fight broke out. She bolted, running straight to the dorm room. And right into my arms. She cried for a while as I held her head to my chest. The burning within me to know what her lips would feel like on my nipples was making me sweat. I tried to caress her as tenderly as a FRIEND should, but it was damned hard. Finally she lifted her head and faced me. Her eyes were blood-shot from her crying and all I wanted to do was kiss those tears away.


I want her to touch me. None of the guys that I've gone after have shown any interest in sleeping with a slightly chubby Asian chick. All they wanted were bubble-headed blonde fuck toys.

And every night I go to sleep with tears in my eyes. Some because I cannot find the guy I want and to. Others because I know exactly where the woman of my darkest fantasies is. I know that Victoria is little more than six feet from me. And it is the most frightening thing in the world.

I know I shouldn't hold on to her so tightly when I cry on her shoulders, but I cannot forsake my one fond wish. I long for the night when she will hold me head tenderly in her athletic hands and bring me towards those perfect lips. When she kisses me I melt into her. I become one with her. My soaked mound is hers. The tingle through nipples is ours.

I almost let my secret slip last night. It was one of my worst experiences at a party. These two guys were trying to convince me that I should sleep with both of them at once. Their filthy paws against my skin had me fighting the impulse to throw up whatever that sludge was I ate for dinner. When the fight happened, I took off and ran to the only person I knew who would truly understand how I felt. Victoria. My feet moved with practiced ease. They knew where my soul wanted to be.

And I laid my head on her chest. I could hear and feel her heart beat. It quickened with the concern of a true friend. I had hoped it would be the fluttering of Lust. Desire for my touch. I would have given anything had she touched my chin and lifted my lips to hers.

Yet I find myself sleeping alone again. Six feet. So easy...

* * * * *

One thump. Two thump.

Two hearts beating for each other yet neither wanting to risk what the have in order to gain more. How Human of them. Sweet in all its stupidity.

To suck on each other's breasts while their fingers seek out the nearest warm, wet hole is their collective wish. The hunger for the flavorful meal between each other's thighs, yet there they sleep. Each dreaming of the other.

And all because of my power.

-the end-

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Allison's Confession

"You didn't answer the question."


"We promised. Both of us could ask any question and we had to be totally honest."

"I know but.."

"Come on. I have a pretty good idea since you hesitated answering."

"I hesitated because..well.I'm not sure if it qualifies."

"You're not sure if you've ever had a lesbian experience?"

"Please, Randi. Don't make me answer this."

"I want to know," Randi said, ending a very tense conversation that was getting him increasingly excited. Randi and Allison were seated naked on their hotel balcony on Maui. The trip, their first in years, had been extremely liberating.

After months of dissatisfaction in the bedroom, both of them had gotten away from their jobs and other distractions and found themselves being more interested in each other and more adventurous. Tonight, Randi and Allison had spent hours at a bar with another couple and Randi was sure that things were going to get interesting.

They had met the other couple, Guy and Toni, during an introductory scuba diving class and had spent the entire day with them. They had gotten along so well that it seemed natural when one of them suggested meeting for dinner.

The evening started off well for Randi. After showering and changing, they headed for Toni and Guy's room. When Guy opened the door, he inadvertently gave Randi a free shot of Toni exiting the bathroom completely naked; an image that stayed with him through the entire dinner.

After dinner, the four of them had gone to a bar where a few drinks had turned into drinking games, had turned into sex talk, had turned into dares, had turned into Allison kissing Toni smack on the lips. At that point, Randi was sure that something was going to happen. He wanted Toni and he was willing to let Allison be with Guy if she wanted. However, now he had the image of Allison and Toni together, something he had never imagined. And, for a few brief moments, he thought it might happen.

Unfortunately, it just never happened. Randi wasn't quite sure but everybody seemed to pull away from letting things get any farther. In the end, Randi and Allison had said goodbye to Toni and Guy and headed back to the hotel room.

They hadn't even gotten to the elevator before Allison was all over Randi. In the end, they had sex just inside the doorway of their room not even realizing that they hadn't completely closed the door in their haste. After some great sex, they stayed up talking on the balcony and agreed to a ten minute session where they could ask any question of the other, something they hadn't done in years.


"Allison, I really I want to know," Randi said.

"You've never asked before," Allison pleaded. "Why now?"

"I never thought you would be interested in that," Randi replied. "But after tonight, well.I want to know, have you ever been with another woman."

"Okay," Allison finally said. "Do you remember that weekend I went away to the desert with some of the girls from school? Well, we went drinking every night and would come back to the house and hang out in the pool afterwards. One of the nights, it was just Karen and I and we were sitting in the Jacuzzi. God, I can't believe I am telling you this."

"Please, don't stop," Randi said as Allison began to withdraw.

"We were sitting there talking," Allison finally continued, "when we started talking about sex and Karen asked me the same question. I said no of course. When I asked her, she smiled and said to guess. I said no and she smiled. Finally, she said she had done it a few times. I asked her with who but she wouldn't tell. She said I'd be surprised if I knew, though.

"Anyway, I asked her what it was like and she said it was fun every once in a while but that she liked boys better most of the time. Then, she asked me if I wanted to try it. I didn't say a word. Then I asked her what she was proposing. I didn't mean yes. I was just really caught off guard. The next thing I know, Karen has her head back and her eyes closed. It takes me a few minutes to realize she is playing with herself."

Sitting on the balcony, listening to his wife talk about her experience, Randi became rock hard. His penis actually hurt, he was so turned on. "What did you do," he asked.

"We were sitting maybe a foot apart," Allison said. "I just sat there watching her when she finally said 'play with yourself, we don't have to do anything else if you start to feel uncomfortable.' I was really confused and didn't know what to think. Finally, I put my hand in my bathing suit and began to rub myself. I wasn't really playing, just sort of touching myself."

Allison stopped talking. Randi looked at Allison and saw that her eyes were glazed over. He assumed she was either reliving the moment. Every fiber of his body wanted to take his cock in his hand and jerk off until he came. However, he knew if he did Allison would probably clam up and he'd never hear the end. "And then," he asked, trying to sound calm and casual.

"After a while, I closed my eyes and just started playing," Allison said. "It wasn't like I was playing with her or even acted like she was there. It felt just like when I am alone in bed. That's where I was mentally when I felt her hand on my thigh. I sucked in air quickly but didn't say anything. Her hand just stayed there for a while. Then, she slowly started moving it until she was touching my pubic hair.

"I was sure she was going to put her hand down there but she didn't go any farther. I had decided to let her if she did but she just kept her hand exactly where it was. After a while, she said 'I won't do anything unless you want me to. If you do, just touch my hand.' I was very excited from playing with myself at that point and let my wrist rotate until the back of my hand was touching her fingers.

"After a while, she grabbed my hand and began playing with it. It was really erotic just sitting their touching hands. Then her hand moved down and she started touching me down there."

"Did you touch her," Randi asked. By this point in the story, Allison had her eyes closed and Randi's question seemed to annoy her. He quickly realized that he would have to let her tell the story at her pace.

"After a while, she had me very excited," Allison said. "Then her other hand grabbed mine and gently began leading it between her legs. After a while, it became hard playing with her like that so I moved out so I almost in front of her. That's when her other hand pulled me in and she started to kiss me.

"To this point I had kept my eyes closed the whole time but she told me to open them. When I did, her face was inches from mine and she was looking directly at me. She then asked me if I wanted to go farther. I nodded my head and she slowly stood up and sat down on the edge of the pool. After a few moments, I moved between her legs and began playing with her

"Then, she put her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her. It was the most natural thing I have ever done sexually. I just did it. No thought. No guilt. Nothing. It just felt so right. I could feel her body tightening and her hands clenching in my hair. By now, the pool water had been replaced by her own wetness and I could smell her excitement replacing the chlorine odor.

"When she came, I felt so satisfied myself even though I hadn't been playing. It just felt so good. After a few moments, she moved back into the water and told me it was my turn."

Randi had willed himself to remain quiet the entire time. While he listened, he had watched Allison sitting there describing what had happened. With her eyes closed, Randi stared between her legs and saw the wetness starting to develop. A few times when they were really going at it, Allison would get so wet that she seemed to leak. Right now, he was watching that happened and he found it the most arousing thing he had ever seen."

"What happened after that," Randi finally asked.

"After I came, we sat there for a while," Allison said. "In a few minutes, I felt guilt and became afraid someone would find out. Karen seemed to sense this and didn't stop me when I beat an awkward retreat. The next morning, she made a point of saying she got so drunk she couldn't remember what happened that night. She said it but it was obvious she was lying. However, we have never talked about it again."

Then her eyes came open and it was if she were returning to her body and her "normal self. "And you won't ever repeat this if you know what is good for you," Allison said in a confrontational tone. "I'd never forgive you and you better never use this against me. Promise?"

"Of course not," Randi said. "However, I have a question."


"When you kissed Toni tonight..."


"Did you feel that way?"

"You mean did I want to be with her?"


"Yes, I was thinking that I might like to do it again," Allison said. "Oh god, I hope you aren't getting any of your wild ideas."

That's what she said, Randi thought, but both of them knew that Allison was secretly excited at the idea of him trying to create an opportunity for her.

"You are, aren't you?"

"Am what?"

"Trying to get Toni and I together," Allison said. "You probably want to watch. Well no way buster."

"I don't have to watch," Randi said in a surprisingly tender voice. "I just thought you might enjoy it. I'm not always thinking about me you know."

Allison almost cried when she realized he was serious. "Randi, that is the sweetest thing you have ever said to me. You would really let me do that. No strings attached. No favors in return?"

"I love you honey," he said.

And then Allison decided to reward him anyway.

-the end-